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America Unearthed

In part, due to his extensive research into the Kensington Rune Stone and on many other mysterious historical artifacts and sites Scott landed a role as host of the new hit show American Unearthed, on History's affiliate cable television channel H2. Season 1 premiered on December 21, 2012, and received tremendous ratings passing Ancient Aliens as the number one show on H2. Season 2 was green-lighted after the fourth of thirteen episodes and promises to deliver more exciting episodes about the untold history of not only America, but indeed the world. To see more of America Unearthed visit their website here: [America Unearthed]

The following are behind-the-scenes photos taken by Scott during the filming of Season 1:

Episode 1, American Maya Secrets

Alfonso Morales at Chichen Itza June, 2012.

Bo Hakala Shooting El Caracol June, 2012.

Lidar plane shortly before takeoff in Georgia July, 2012.

Episode 2, Medieval Desert Mystery

Alan Butler explores the Kinver Rock Houses in England August, 2012.

Colin Threinen, Andy Awes and Scott Wolter with the Mustang Mountain Rune Stone in Arizona June, 2012.

Episode 3, Great Lakes Copper Heist

Scott relaxes on the largest float copper nodule in the world in Michigan August, 2012.

George Twardzik ponders Isle Royale while shooing August, 2012.

Will Yates leads the crew on a boat in Wisconsin September, 2012.

Episode 4, Giants in Minnesota

Scott and Michael Arbuthnot take a break near the Saker Farm in Minnesota July, 2012.

Episode 5, A Deadly Sacrifice

Scott and friends at the Anubis Cave September, 2012.

Tim Severin with Scott in Ireland November, 2012.

Episode 6, Stonehenge in America

Committee Films crew human Stonehenge at Stonehenge in England August, 2012.

Kelsey and Bob Stone with Scott at the Sacrificial Table at America's Stonehenge in New Hampshire June, 2012.

Scott and Janet at America's Stonehenge September, 2012.

Episode 7, Mystery of Roanoke

Scott and Maria Awes in Virginia August, 2012.

Several Virginia Dare Stones July, 2012.

Episode 8, Chamber Hunting

Colin Threinen shoots inside a stone chamber at Gungywamp in Connecticut September, 2012.

Committee Films crew poses in Pennsylvania October 2012.

Jim Morgan and Brandon Bouley make music Newgrange in Ireland November, 2012.

Scott and Carri Merriman pose next her model of the Pennsylvania chamber November, 2012.

Steve and Terry Sora at Gungywamp in Connecticut September, 2012.

Episode 9, Motive for Murder

Scott and Janet with Don Shelby November, 2012.

Scott examines the Meriwether Lewis Apron November, 2012.

The Committee Films Crew at the DNA Lab in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada December, 2012.

Episode 10, The Desert Cross

Grant and Scott at the Tucson Lead Artifacts Discovery Site May, 2012.

Grant and Scott at the Yuma Mine in Arizona May, 2012.

Episode 11, Tracking the Templars

Darwin Ohman and Scott and crew with the Kensington Rune Stone at the Runestone Museum in Alexandria, Minnesota September, 2012.

Flying over the Statue of Liberty at dusk December, 2012.

Paul Roberti and Colin at Narragansett Rune Stone theft site in Rhode Island November, 2012.

Scott and Alan Butler at Shepards of Arcadia carving at Shugborough Hall in England August, 2012.

Episode 12, America's Oldest Secret

Andy and Brandon at the Newport Tower in Rhode Island December, 2012.

Colin and Andy inside Newport Tower in Rhode Island December, 2012.

Helicopter Camera Hovers over the Newport Tower October, 2012.

Episode 13, Hunt for the Holy Grail

Scott and Steve St. Clair watch the drilling at New Ross, Nova Scotia October, 2012.

The morning sun reflects off the still waters along Silver Point Road in Nova Scotia October, 2012.

America Unearthed glass map in Scott's lab November, 2012.


Holy Grail in America

is a two-hour documentary film which premiered on History Channel on September 21, 2009. Committee Films produced the film chronicles the author's nine-year pursuit of the origin and meaning of the enigmatic Hooked X symbol. This research delves deeply into the unknown and mysterious world of European visitors to North America prior to Columbus.


Committee Films won the NATPE competition for Emerging Producers of the Year for the Holy Grail in America pitch.

Visit: []

Author Alan Butler and his wife Kate
Author Alan Butler and his wife Kate within the ruins of Rievaulx Abbey in Northern England. May 2008.

Bo Hakala shoots video
Cinematographer Bo Hakala shoots video of a small country church near Wells Cathedral in Southern England. May 2008.

Researcher Scott Wolter
Researcher Scott Wolter ferries to the island of Bronholm in Denmark. October 2008.

Committee Films crew members
Committee Films crew members Ben Krueger and Andy Awes pose near Stonehenge in Southern England. May 2008.

Judge David Sinclair-Bouschor
Judge David Sinclair-Bouschor is interviewed at his home in Duluth, Minnesota, by Committee Films director Andy Awes. May 2008.

Ben Krueger dressed as a Templar Knight
Ben Krueger dressed as a Templar Knight in a costume used in the Hollywood film Kingdom of Heaven, during the filming of reenactments at Phalen Park along the St. Croix River in Minnesota. June 2009.

Bo Hakala, Phil Joncas
Bo Hakala, Phil Joncas and another crew member confer during the filming of reenactments at Phalen Park along the St. Croix River in Minnesota. June 2009.

Scott Wolter's hands are filmed
Scott Wolter's hands are filmed carving a Hooked X during reenactments at Phalen Park along the St. Croix River in Minnesota. June 2009.

Scott Wolter, Andy Awes, Alan Butler, Ben Krueger and Bo Hakala
Scott Wolter, Andy Awes, Alan Butler, Ben Krueger and Bo Hakala in Northern England. March, 2008.

Niven Sinclair
Niven Sinclair stands in front of Temple Church in Temple, Scotland. April 2008.

Melrose Abbey
The south transcept window and graveyard of Melrose Abbey, in Southern Scotland. April 2008.

Simon Brighton
Bo Hakala photographs researcher Simon Brighton inside Cambridge Round Church in Cambridge, England. May 2008.

David Brody
Author David Brody pointing out features of the Westford Knight carving in Westford, Massachusetts. July 2008.

Narragansett Rune Stone
Rick Lynch and Andy Awes ponder while Bo Hakala shoots the Narragansett Rune Stone inscription at low tide in Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island. July 2008.

Newport Tower
The Newport Tower after a heavy snowstorm on December 19, 2008.