Cryptic Code of the Templars in America: Origins of the Hooked X

Cryptic Code of the Templars in
America: Origins of the Hooked X

Third in the Hooked X series, this book explores more mysterious and controversial artifacts and sites that tell a vastly different story of the history of North American than the current narrative. The intentionally suppressed artifacts, sites and historical events, previously called “frauds” and “hoaxes”, are finally coming to light as beacons of historical truth and shine brighter than ever fueled by a tidal wave of new scientific facts and recently discovered documents.

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From Akhenaten Founding Fathers Knowledge

From Akhenaten to the Founding
Fathers: The Mysteries of the Hooked X

Scott Wolter's book "From Akhenaten to the Founding Fathers: The Mysteries of the Hooked X". Tracing the paths of ancient knowledge and artifacts across North America. This book explores those who were here long before Columbus and the marks they left on modern society. What you've been taught about history is wrong.

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The first 30 prints below are signed by both Darwin Ohman and the artist, Dan Wiemer. All books purchased through the store are signed by the author.

Hooked X Painting

Hooked X Print

The Hooked X [28” x 18” print] created by artist Dan Wiemer in 2010 depicts the secret history of the Hooked X symbol.

The discovery of the meaning of the Hooked X was stunning, as was the secret history behind it that gradually unfolded during the quest to learn more about that history through research. This journey has been nothing short of amazing as it winds through the mysterious worlds of the medieval Cistercians, the Knights Templar, and modern Freemasonry. The print comes with a key with explanations to symbolism of the various parts to the painting.



Kensington Rune Stone Discovery Painting

KRS Discovery Print

KRS Discovery [20” x 15” print] created by artist Dan Wiemer in 2005 illustrates the discovery of the Kensington Rune Stone in 1898.

When Olof Ohman, a Swedish immigrant working his fields in what is now Douglas County, MN, found the 202-lb., mysteriously engraved stone tangled in the roots of an uprooted tree, controversy has raged over the artifact’s authenticity. The stone, dated 1362, soon proved how difficult the search for the truth can be—and raised eyebrows over the possibility that North European explorers predated Columbus in America.



Hooked X Book

The Hooked X Book

The Hooked X picks up where that story leaves off taking the reader on a journey from Minnesota to the New England Coast, where four more medieval rune stones are found. The trail then leads to a mysterious round stone tower in Rhode Island that could only have been constructed by a highly controversial group from Europe before the time of Christopher Columbus. The story that unfolds behind the Hooked X shatters many historical and religious paradigms and ultimately reveals the startling untold history of North America.



Kensington Runestone Book

Kensington Rune Stone
Compelling New Evidence

Using exhaustive research, objective analysis and personal testimony, Nielsen, Wolter, and their team have left scientific prejudice behind and refused to leave one document or stone left unturned. The book unearths never-before-seen clues that offer a gripping account of the Rune Stone’s authenticity



Holy Grail In America Video

Holy Grail In America Video

"The Holy Grail In America" is a two-hour documentary film which premiered on History Channel on September 21, 2009. Committee Films produced the film chronicles the author's nine-year pursuit of the origin and meaning of the enigmatic Hooked X symbol. This research delves deeply into the unknown and mysterious world of European visitors to North America prior to Columbus.